San Sebastian


This post seems a little ridiculous because the only thing to do (and the only thing you’d want to do) in San Seb is eat. And there’s also very little point me listing out the places I chose to eat in because they were stumbled upon and I’d imagine that you’d be hard pressed to find a bad place to eat there. Pop into one place, grab a glass of wine and a small plate, then move onto the next.

A common misconception about San Sebastian is that it’s really expensive because it has the most Michelin stars in one area. But the trick is to not eat at the Michelin starred restaurants. Instead, dip in and out of the pinchos and tapas bars. The quality of the food everywhere is outstanding.


Below is a quick list of places that I dipped in and out of, all were excellent. But I urge you to just go with the flow and pop into any place you want. There is, however one spot,  you MUST go to if you’re a meat eater: Bar Nestor. Go early, skip the queues and just wait to get served.


La Cepa

Eskerrik Asko Etortzeagatik



Casa Vergara

Polo Loco Ice cream shop


There isn’t a huge amount of choice. You either pay for the one expensive luxury hotel, or slum it in a basic.

Hotel Maria Cristina Stunning, luxury, perhaps a little unnecessary!


I visited San Sebastian in March 2019

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