Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is just cool. There’s no other way to describe it. The restaurants, the bars and the people are all trendy as hell. Everyone is young, everyone is smart and starting their own business which makes it an exciting, inspiring place to be. The food scene is bonkers – not one bad meal to be had. I was there for four days and ate as if I was there for ten. The history of the country is, of course, fascinating, and you can feel, not tension, but certainly a presence of the clashing religions. And a day trip to Jerusalem is a must, with a knowledgable tour guide.

Whenever I visit cities with a certain something about them (namely a buzzing food scene and young, smart demographic – much like Beirut and Lisbon), I usually find myself saying ‘I could see myself living here’. And whilst Tel Aviv hits that same criteria, I found myself thinking the opposite: ‘I’m not sure I could live here’. And it wasn’t until I was on the flight back to London that my husband pointed out that, because of it’s complicated history, it’s not a multi-cultural city. And that perfectly explains why I didn’t feel ‘at home’. Did I love it? Absolutely. Would I go back? Hell yes. Would I move in? ‘Fraid not. Well…maybe if it was next door to Wonder Woman…



Jaffa or Yafa: walk around the buzzing markets, grab a table outside, eat and drink. Perfect for bar or food hopping! Walk down Rosthchild: a street buzzing with cafés and shops; Day trip to Jerusalem and get a tour guide; Spend a day at the beach



The old man and the sea In Jaffa on the port. Endless supply of small salads, hummus and bread. Make sure you pace yourself so you have room for the fish course!

Machne Yuda Technically in Jerusalem, but so good I included it on the TLV page. A MUST GO! Restaurant by one of my favourite chef’s Assaf Granit, of Palmoar in London

Port Said Ridiculously delicious and cool food stop. What all Israeli cuisine should be

Delicatessen 79/81 Delicious deli for shopping and eating

North Abraxus Awsome dinner spot that apparently made the whole roasted cauliflower a ‘thing’. Dishes are served in paper bags and cardboard, and the menu is seasonal so make sure you go early so that you get first choice of the dishes! They run out quickly!

Don Camillo Spanking new restaurant in the latest W / Jaffa Hotel. The menu is Italian influenced. Not sure they’ve quite hit the nail on the head with this menu. But a stunning setting and very generous, shot-bearing maitre’d

The Norman Awesome brunch spot in a beautiful hotel. Make sure you arrive well before midday to grab a table

Bana A new vegan spot with cool decor and incredibly slow service

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

Café Noir


Cafe Yam Tov Go for breakfast


Ha Basta

Claro In Sarona market




The Chapel Not your traditional Israeli bar, kind of uptight with incredibly loud music, but in an awesome former church

Bar de Vin Awesome French wine bar with delicious waiters constantly topping you up!

Herzel 16 Cool bar vibes

Montifiore A hotel with a cute bar with outdoor balcony seating and mini bites

Dallal For coffee and brunch

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

Brut Wine bar vibes



Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

The Norman


I visited Tel Aviv in September 2018

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