Ibiza is known as a ‘Scorpio’ island which, astrologically speaking, means she’s wild, mercurial and has the ability to magnify your feelings, emotions and experiences. That, in addition to the high level of quartz crystal on the island and the strong ley lines that run beneath her, means that Ibiza’s energy is unstoppable. And it’s that magnetism that’s been drawing me back to the island for the last eight years.

There are a number of reasons why I love The White Isle as much as I do. For one, and not a lot of people think this is the case, but there is something for everyone. When most people think of Ibiza they immediately conjure images of loud clubs, flashing lights and pill popping Brits. And whilst they wouldn’t be wrong, there is so much more to the island than that. Its rolling hills are the perfect surroundings for the copious amounts of yoga retreats that take place each year; the nearby islands, particularly Formentera (see below) offer an idyllic and welcome escape from the buzz of Ibiza; the abundance of restaurants is ever growing with something to suit everyone’s needs; and the charm of the Old Town (which is a UNESCO world heritage site), promotes Ibiza’s thousand-year-old history.

Another reason is because you can be/dress/act/dance however you want and no one cares. You can feel safe and comfortable at all times, knowing that there’s never any judgement from people around you. There is SO MUCH LOVE on the island (and yes, a fraction of it has to do with the amount of people on Molly), but you don’t need to be on anything to feel it. And that feeling is so freeing and seldom found in other places around the world.

And of course, let’s not forget the island’s raison d’etre: bringing people together to experience some of the biggest and best music in the world in outrageously amplified surroundings. The entry prices to the clubs are so high not only because you’re paying to watch a big-name-DJ, but because they’re putting on a show, a performance, a spectacle. It is always a fantastic assault on the senses and one that I can never find anywhere else in the world.



Ibiza Town Charming, quaint and idyllic. Walk up to the Cathedral and into the Old Town at dusk. Make sure you head to Carrer de da Carrossa which has cute cafés and restaurants against the backdrop of the old city

Sant Josep After Ibiza town this is probably my favourite part of the island with an buzzing small town with a whitewashed baroque church in its centre. Sant Josep is in the middle of the island to equidistant to either side and very easy to get around (if you have a car)

Figueretas The best place if you’re staying for a new nights. Only 15-20 minute walk into Ibiza town, and a 45 minute walk to Hi nightclub, so you’ll have no problem getting home after a night out if the taxi lines don’t look that appealing. It’s a small suburb of Ibiza on the sea (the beach itself isn’t worth a visit) but has lots of restaurants and bars without feeling like you’re in the thick of it

San Antonio You won’t find any other nationality here, other than British. And it’s the worse kind of Brit. Sorry, but someone had to say it (and everyone does). Go for the sunsets, cheap drinks and herpes

Santa Gertrudis A charming little village in the heart of the island, right in the middle of hippy-ville. Great spot for organic, vegan, veggie food spots

Santa Eularia Family-friendly coastal town for those seeking a quieter holiday



Cala Bonita, S’Estanyol New(ish) beach lunch hot spot and one of my favourites in Ibiza. It’s in a really small cove of the island but the restaurant is packed with a delicious menu. The tuna ventresca (belly) tomato salad ridiculous. You can’t book beds on the beach, only first come first serve, but totally worth it regardless

Experimental Beach Club One of my favourite beach and lunch spots on the island. Super chilled, Frenchie vibe. Gorgeous sea views and delicious food, and you can stay on the beach until sunset. They also serve the best plate of jamon on the island (in my opinion). It’s close to the airport, so a terrific way to spend your first or last day on the island.

Cala Gracioneta​ Don’t let its San Antonio location put you off – this secluded cove oozes Ibizan bliss and is one of the area’s hidden gems. The beach is on one of the smallest coves on the island, and the restaurant is beautifully decorated and scattered in the trees and rocks around the cove. The only problem is, is that the beach is open to those who aren’t eating at the restaurant and given it’s size, it gets packed very quickly and loses it’s charm. That said, the food was delicious, you can reserve beds on the beach (limited to 18 only), the staff were incredibly friendly, and Seb Ingrosso eats there, so I’m absolutely, definitely, going back.

Blue Marlin A place to see people and to be seen. Big beds with even bigger platters of sushi. Stay there all night to party party.

Cala Bassa Beach Club Super chilled beach with a charming restaurant set among trees with hanging lanterns. Order the wagyu beef.

El Chiringuito Super chilled and close to the airport, so perfect if you land early or have a late flight to catch

Eco Centro A gorgeous, vegetarian restaurant with hippy vibes in the middle of the island on the way to Santa Gertrudis

The Jockey Club Super chilled, rustic beach shack

Amante Another one of my favourites. Set in the cliffs, this beach is absolutely stunning. The food is delicious (it’s magical for dinner) and they host outdoor cinema events off season

Sa Trinxa Hippy vibes – true to Ibiza heritage

Wild Beets Raw, organic, vegan. Get a juice to rejuvenate

Cotton Beach Club Awesome lunch spot, set slight further away from the sea

Beach House Hands down the best (and nicest) beach restaurant in Playa d’en Bossa. It’s eye-wateringly expensive, but the food is delicious and the vibe is on point. It’s open till 2am with a DJ, so definitely into the night. Again, close to the airport so great for a first or final day. They have a delicious breakfast menu if you’re up that early!

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

Babylon Beach Looks like a wholesome, organic menu with a positive beach vibe

Yemanja Beach Restaurant The seafood stop smack bang next door to the popular Blue Marlin and a quarter of the price

Chiringuito Blue  A new all-day beachside restaurant and bar in the family-friendly Santa Eularia, located on the water

Finca La Plaza A Mediterranean restaurant dubbing itself the secret garden in the centre of the island

Benirrás Beach Famous for it’s hippy drumming Sundays, this beach is one of the most popular on the north of the island

Beso Beach Ibiza My favourite restaurant in Formentera has opened in Ibiza. ‘Nuff said.




S’Escalinata Awesome little cocktail bar set on the steps of Ibiza Old Town. Perfect to grab a couple of sun-downers before heading into town for dinner or for bloody mezzas at breakfast

Sa Punta Only 5 mins from Ibiza town, this Pacha-owned panoramic rooftop bar is perfect for evening drinks

Cafe del Mar Possibly the most underwhelming place on the island, given it’s history (it first opened it’s doors for the summer in 1980). Their soundtrack is what they are most famous for, not the restaurant itself. But head over there, buy some drinks and take a seat on the rocks facing the waves. The sunset in San Antonio (or anywhere on the West of the island) is absolutely outstanding

Experimental Beach Club Book a table for dinner and go for drinks before to watch the sun go down

Sunset Ashram One of the most popular places on the island to watch the sun sink into the sea. It has a beautiful boho vibe, but more boohoo prices and the food it’s amazing. Regardless, I would recommend booking a table in the restaurant as you’re right near the DJ playing chilled tracks to get you in the mood. If you head to the rocks to watch the sunset, definitely take something to sit on.



Jul’s Ibiza An indoor/outdoor eatery with an excellent menu and feels of Tulum! Definitely worth a visit

KM5 Was the place to be about eight years ago for a fun party after a chilled dinner vibe in a garden-like setting.

Lio  Bloody expensive, but a fantastic cabaret night out. Make sure you ask for a table near the centre

La Bodega One of my favourite places for a tapas dinner on the island. It is located in the heart of the city, just at the foot of the walls of Dalt Vila (the old town) make sure you ask for a table outside. It’s just charming

Bambuddha Grove Awesome decor, delicious Asian food, questionable service and attitude from the staff

Villa Mercedes I think this is the nicest place to eat in San Antonio. Massive cocktails and live music in an outdoor setting. This is as romantic as you’ll get in San Antonio

Le Brasa Another one of my favourite restaurants, again in Ibiza town. Ask for a table outside (it’s like being in someone’s private garden terrace), and make sure you order the black ink paella

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

La Granja A farmstead set among Ibiza’s pastoral inlands and run in collaboration with Friends of a Farmer. Amazing, go!

Bottega il Buco Roman-style focacceria and wine bar in the curiously smart village of Santa Gertrudis, which, just like the NYC restaurant, is stuffed with vintage furniture and artisan terracotta tableware from Lennard’s home collection

Heart A new-ish addition to the restaurant scene, Heart brings together the minds of the Adria brothers and Lalibreté (the founder of Cirque du Soleil). It’s like a cooking lab which explores all boundaries.

Le Vrai In the heart of Ibiza town this menu offers a modern twist on Lebanese cuisine

Es Rebost de Can Prats This is an unexpected and traditional find in San Antonio

Sa Finca Traditional menu, set in the hills on Santa Eulalia

STK Ibiza’s own steak house

Las dos Lunas Sit outside under a canopy of bougainvillea

La Mezcaleria Mexican menu in the old town

Paloma A beautiful, traditional Mediterranean restaurant in the North of the island

Nobu Ibiza Bay It’s Nobu in Ibiza…what’s not to love (probably the prices!)

Cova Santa If you want dinner in a club environment, then this is it. It’s cool cave setting makes it perfect for moonlit dancing parties

Aubergine For those of you who venture to the north of the island, make sure to hit this adorable spot

La Belle Not far from Amnesia but completely different vibe, great or dinner with killer cocktails

El Portalon A gorgeous looking eating spot with an emphasis on organic and ethical produce in the centre of Ibiza town

Samar Another Ibiza town spot, perfect for the freshest fish

Es Xarcu For a quiet, romantic, seaside dinner

La Dispensa Mediterranean restaurant on one of my favourite streets in Ibiza’s old town, with a ton of small boutique jewellry shops. Just go for browsing!



They say that the first club you visit on your first ever trip, will be your favourite forever. That holds true for me. My favourite club in Ibiza is Amnesia. My top tip for deciding a night out though, is always go with your favourite DJ. Always. If you don’t like the DJ, you won’t have a good night; you’ll get bored and it’s a really expensive night out to not enjoy to the fullest.

Amnesia Has two rooms, massive ceilings and even though it looks packed, there’s always space to throw some shapes around.

Pacha Pacha is an Ibiza club must. They always get killer DJs through the door, but be warned: they cater more for the VIPs than they do the crowds. The majority of the club is saved for tables, whereas the dance floor for the regular Joe’s like yours truly, is really quite small. So expect it to be rammed at peak dancing time (which is usually 2am-4am). But once the headline DJ finishes, a lot of people clear out, and that’s when it’s my favourite time to be there.  Top tip if you want to book a table: make sure you ask for a table where you can actually see the DJ. So many times, people think they’re getting a bargain rate at Pacha and when they show up they find that they’re actually in another room entirely!

Hi Ibiza The newest club on the scene from Ushuaia who took over from Space (sad face) and replaced it with Hi. They pull in some massive names and the production (lights, screens etc.) is absolutely EPIC.

DC10 Not my kind of music at all! I really didn’t like DC10 after all of the hype. The sound system is so powerful it’s actually quite painful, and there are no theatrics or magic like there are at all of the other clubs, so to pay practically the same rate, I think, is absurd. Circo Loco on Monday nights is what they are most famous for.

Ushuaia This brings the Miami and Vegas day party vibe to Ibiza. When it first opened it was a hidden gem, now it’s ridiculously rammed. That said, it’s a unique experience. Pick a DJ you like, spend all day there from 5pm until midnight, dancing your t*ts off as the sun goes down and planes fly overhead

Destino The second club to open in open air. Head there from 4pm

Es Paradis Even though it’s in San Antonio, Es Paradis used to be a favourite of mine when I first started going to Ibiza eight years ago. I used to love their Hed Kandi nights with live drummer and saxophonist (Laura) who would play whilst hanging from her half moon hammock

Eden Went once before, and now I tend to avoid it because they music isn’t my thing

Sankeys This is a really small club in Playa d’en Bossa. Don’t bother, unless you really rate the DJ. But it’s not the real deal in terms of what clubbing experience has to offer



Technically not in Ibiza, but a day trip that I do every year. Formentera is Ibiza’s quieter, tidier, slightly sexier older sister. It’s a 40 minute Ferry ride from Ibiza town, or, I would recommend renting a boat/catamaran and skipper for the day. I use Charteralia who are fantastic – José always take very good care of us. If you decide to take a boat out, I’d suggest organising the trip towards the latter half of your holiday. The fresh sea air will put some much needed energy under your wings!

When you get to Formentera, make sure you have lunch at the super cool, trendy with insanely hot waiters, Beso Beach. You’ll need to book well in advance. I would recommend booking for the 4:30pm seating, so that you can enjoy a delicious late lunch and then get the boat back to Ibiza whilst the sun goes down. You won’t want to miss it! If you aren’t able to get a table at Beso, book at Juan y Andrea instead. The food is just as good, it’s just less of a trendy place to be.

If you decide to stay the night or want dinner further in-land, head to Can Carlos and eat under a canopy of fairy lights. My fav! Or if you return into Ibiza at Cala Jondal beach, make sure you book dinner at Es Xarcu for a quiet, romantic, seaside bite after a relaxing day at sea.


Find a villa that suits your needs and booked it as soon as possible. My recommendation would be, if you’re not renting a car and relying on taxis (which I would totally recommend), is to find a villa as close to the main hubs as possible. Ibiza town, Talamanca, Jesus and Santa Gertrudis (further north and more hippy dippy) are my favourite areas.

Ibiza villa rental sites are a dime a dozen. Here are some of my favourites:

One Villas Ibiza

Deliciously Sorted Ibiza

Playasol Lei Playasol have a ton of hotels and hostels across the island. I stayed in Lei, in Figueretas – a small village about 20 minutes walk from the town centre and perfect for a few nights

Hotel Mirador Dalt Vila Beautiful hotel in the old town

Mikasa Boutique Hotel Stunning boutique hotel not far from Lio

Over the last year or so (we’re now in 2019), Ibiza has seen the rise of the Insta-Hotel. For your most colourful pics head to:

Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel

Paradiso Art Hotel

Hotel Cubanito

Tropicana Ibiza Suites

I have visited Ibiza every summer since 2009

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