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I am not a fitness blogger, life-style coach or personal trainer. I’m someone who enjoys good food and a bit of indulgence now and then (and now again), so I have to work out to keep fit and find a balance.

After years of hating exercise and resenting people who could breezily jog by me on the pavement, I’ve grown to love working out. It’s all thanks to the explosion of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes across London over the last couple of years and a shift in mindset from the painful, boring solo workouts at the gym, to the community-building class environment, where you feed off the energy and strength of those around you.

Here are my top 6 London work outs:

Psycle London Way beyond your average spin class, Psycle’s mission is about feeling good, igniting passing and finding fun in movement. It’s the most fun way to work out.

Barry’s Bootcamp Barry’s is hard. They even admit that themselves, but they’ve got the science (and abs) to prove that their works outs work.

1Rebel 1Rebel offer a mix of three different classes. Rumble and Reshape are my favourite. They also offer Prosecco and blow dries after your workout. They’re my kinda people.

Ten Ten offer a number of classes across their multiple locations. Their dynamic Pilates classes are by far the best in London.

Kobox Fight club meets nightclub. ‘Nuff said.

Core Collective Keep it core with their incredible TRX classes

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