Cascais is a super small seaside village less than an hour away from Lisbon. If you arrive by train, come out of the train station and follow the coast around to the West. If you go on foot it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to see all the sights and viewpoints listed below. Once you’ve walked the coast, come back towards town and lost along the charming cobbled streets, then  reward yourself with a bottle of rosé on the beach.


Museum: Pe Castro Guimarães

Viewpoint: Boca do Palácio da Cidadela de Cascais (inside the Palacio da Cidadela de Cascais which is a sight to see in itself), Boca do Inferno (meaning ‘Hell’s Mouth’, is a beautifully dramatic spot)

Places: Marina de Cascais, Santa Maria House (the header image in this post), Marechal Carmona Park (absolutely stunning gardens with roosters everywhere!), Forte da Cruz (this is in the neighbouring town of Estoril which is only a 10 minute taxi ride away and you can walk back to Cascais along the beach)


I went to a friend’s house for dinner the one night I was in Cascais, so didn’t manage to go to any of the restaurants.

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

Pousada de Cascais This is the restaurant of the Pestana Hotel listed below. It has a great view of the marina.

Restaurante Mar do Inferno The restaurant closest to Boco do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth) which is a beautiful part of the coast. Definitely head there for the photo opps and a glass of vino.

5 Sentidos Casa do largo Traditional Portuguese fishing cuisine

Cafe Galeria House of Wonders A delicious-looking vegetarian cafe and deli with stunning salads and colourful decor



Villa Cascias It’s a beautiful boutique hotel right on the water, with a balcony bar on the seafront to watch the people go by. 

Neither tried nor tested, but researched & recommended…

Pestana Cidadela A stunning hotel based in the old fortress of Cascais. If you don’t stay there you can still go in and look around or better still, eat at their restaurant.

Farol Design Hotel A little further out from the main town centre, but closer to Boco do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth) 


I visited Cascais on 6 – 7 February 2017

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